WELCOME to Distance Education Centre Victoria

To log into our systems and gain access to your course work, you need a username and password.

Your username is your five-digit DECV school number.
Your password was supplied in your enrollment email and with your course materials.

To access the online content, you must agree to the Distance Education Centre Terms of Use.

Distance Education Centre Victoria Online Terms of Use

When using the Online environment for school purposes, I agree to:

  • protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images
  • use the Internet in line with my school's student engagement policy (particularly its code of conduct) and use appropriate language when talking to and working with others online and never participate in hate mail
  • use the Internet, as directed by my school, for educational purposes and use the equipment properly
  • use social networking sites for educational purposes and only as directed by the school
  • not deliberately enter or remain in any site that has obscene language or offensive content (e.g. racist material or violent images)
  • abide by copyright procedures when using content on websites (ask permission to use images, text, audio and video and cite references where necessary)
  • think about how I use content posted on the Internet and not simply copy and paste information from websites
  • not interfere with network security, the data of another user or attempt to log into the network with a user name or password of another student
  • not reveal my password to anyone except the system administrator or subject teachers
  • not download unauthorised programs, including games, or run them on school computers
  • talk to my teacher or another adult if:
    • I need help online
    • I feel that the welfare of other students at the school is being threatened by online activities
    • I come across sites which are not suitable for our school
    • someone writes something I don't like, or makes me and my friends feel uncomfortable or asks me to provide information that I know is private
These points are explained in detail in the school's Online Acceptable Use Policy.
To view the full DECV Online Acceptable Use Policy, please CLICK HERE.

Web Browser Support

The online systems should work in a variety of common web browsers. If you encounter problems though, please use one of the following browsers:

For Microsoft Windows: - Internet Explorer or
                                           - FireFox.

For Mac OSX: - Safari (which is built into the Operating System), or
                          - FireFox.

If you continue to have issues using these browsers, please contact your teacher for further help.